Radiant Barrier

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Silver Shield is an insulating product composed of multiple layers of low emittance (low-e) materials designed to significantly reduce radiant heat transfer. The inside layer is a metalized polymer. The outside layer is reinforced aluminum foil kraft paper bonded with a fire retardant adhesive. The layers expand when installed to form a reflective air space to provide enhanced thermal performance and protect the low emittance surface from the performance reducing effects of dust accumulation. Since metalized and foil-based aluminum products have a near zero water vapor permeance, Silver Shield is perforated to allow water vapor transmission. Product applications include roofs and walls.

  • Solar radiation causes roof temperatures to reach 160 degrees to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Heat is conducted through roofing materials and radiated to the ceiling below.
  • Attic air temperatures climb to superheated levels, typically 140 degrees fahrenheit in the summer.
  • Ceiling insulation R-values are rated at 75 degrees and 50% relative humidity levels increase, R-values diminish. Radiant heat transfers into air conditioning ducts increasing energy costs. Attic structure and contents saturate and continue to transfer heat even after the sun has set.
  • A/C run time increases and in peak loads cannot maintain interal temperatures set points – comfort is compromised.
  • Air quality is compromised – hot humid air is drawn through leaks in the duct system.

The Solution – Silver Shield Radiant Barrier

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  • Reduces radiant heat transfer up to 97%. Treats the problem at its source – the roof.
  • A/C savings up to 18%. Significantly reduces attic temperatures up to 50 degrees.
  • Increases insulation and air conditioning duct efficiency. Lowers temperatures and improves comfort in areas that are not typically air conditioned, such as garages and lanais.
  • Qualifies for Florida Energy Code Credits.
  • Energy Star Rating helps to qualify for energy efficient mortgages.


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